October 2, 2011 10:26am CST
I find nemo as a heart warming movie. It really touched my heart. A very family oriented movie especially for father and son relationship. Nemo a light story and has a moral lesson. Watch and enjoy this with your family.
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• Philippines
15 Oct 11
I agree with you. Finding Nemo is an awesome movie that every family should watch. It has a great moral value and somehow I find it very funny. Their adventure is quite a roller coaster ride. It is oughta be watched by little kids. And as what you have said it is a very heart warming movie. I hope I can watch this film again by the time my daughter turns 2.
18 Oct 11
I hope to watch it again too when my son gets a bit bigger. I know he'll love it. My mother-in-law even bought him a nemo balloon, he was very happy playing with nemo. Even if he is just only 3months old he appreciates nemo a lot. :)
@jadoixa (1171)
• Philippines
18 Dec 11
me too, i really love is one of my favorite cartoon movie..the relationship story of father and son can touch anyone's heart..a good movie not just for kids but for adults too..very heartwarming and with good moral lesson...