Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?

October 3, 2011 10:33am CST
Hi myLotters! So do you prefer shopping alone or with other people like your friends or family members? For me, I do love both, but it depends on what I'm shopping for. Example, I prefer shopping alone when I'm looking for casual clothes. But I love shopping with my friends when there's an occasion and we're looking for a dress to wear. I also shop with family members if we're looking for gifts. How about you guys?
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4 Oct 11
i prefer shopping with friends,most of my shopping were with my friends,it's something fun than shopping alone and when i shopping with my friends i got new ideas and i don't want to pull the trolly alone!!!!!
5 Oct 11
ya man, i too agree with it,i too got many different ideas when i shopped with my friends
@swissheart (6478)
• Romania
7 Oct 11
it depends. i don't mind shopping's relaxing sometimes. but if you find something and you can't decide to buy it or not an extra opinion sure hepls. of course the girl that works there would tell you that that item of clothing sure looks good on you..even if it doesn't...while a true friend will tell you the truth
• Canada
6 Oct 11
I like to go shopping for clothes with my girlfriends and I like to go shopping for food with my mom. I don't mind so much shopping by myself but it is always more fun to shop with someone. I don't like shopping for clothes with my mom unless it is for her and not for me. I know she likes me to go with her shopping because she is older and likes my judgement in fashion. I will sometimes look for something for me too when I am shopping with my mom, but mostly we concentrate on her needs. My mom and I live together, we share the rent, and so we grocery shop together because we just split the cost and we eat all our meals together. We cook together and eat together usually. I will go shopping for food alone but usually only if I am picking a few things up, not a big weekly grocery shopping trip. Littlemissy signing off now
@Porcospino (18385)
• Denmark
4 Oct 11
I usually prefer shopping with my husband or with my friends, but sometimes I shop alone. My husband and I often visit second hand shops where we look for cheap clothes. Of course we have not interested in the same kind of clothes, but it is still nice to go shopping together because we can chat and show eachother the clothes that we find. I also like to shop with my friends, especially when I want to buy clothes or shoes, it is more fun than shopping alone. When I visit a bookshop I usually prefer to shop alone, because my I can spend hours there and friends always get bored and want to leave
• South Africa
4 Oct 11
I prefer going with someone, its so much more fun to have someone to talk to while i'm shopping and walking around. Its not that i won't go by myself , i just prefer to
• Indonesia
4 Oct 11
I love shopping with companion and my best shopping mate is my sister, whenever Im confuse to decide to chooses which one to buy she will give me advice. and not forget that my sister is very kind to me, sometimes she will pay the item i buy because she knows Im just a student who doesn't have a job, it is really fun. What i like to go shopping with my sister is that we dont have to worry about the time, we both know each other schedules. I dont really like to go shopping with friends, I dont know but it seems like we cannot focus on what we buy whenever me and friends going to shop together hehehe too much chit chat.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
4 Oct 11
I prefer to go shopping with friends because it's more fun and enjoyable that way. We usually go shopping for clothes together. I don't like the idea o going alone because it's just so lonely! And I don't like the feeling of browsing clothes by myself with no one else's opinion. It's fun with friends because we can compliment each other and also help with the deciding. We're always seeking a bargain and we always give each other tips which really help. It's way more fun that way. I get a little intimidated when I'm shopping alone and then a group of friends who are shopping together hang around the area I'm browsing. I usually go shopping with family for groceries or other home necessities.
@totor_53 (223)
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
I would prefer shopping alone because it is by being alone that i am able to think of what i like though its okay for me to go with friends but i do love going alone so that my decisions will not be affected by my friends.
• United States
3 Oct 11
I don't mind shopping alone becaue I had to be rushed. I like shopping with my daughter because we look for stuff for each other.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
3 Oct 11
I hate to shop alone. I like to have someone there to talk to. Especially if I'm shopping for clothes. I want someone to be there to tell me if things look good when I try them on. I don't like shopping with a huge group of people. I hate waiting for stragglers that have to stop and look at every little thing for 10 minutes.