Onion Doctor

@yugasini (12839)
Anantapur, India
October 3, 2011 9:12pm CST
Onion is the most powerful vegetable, they can make to release from you while cutting them and they can also dismantle the Govt and the leaders also, that is the power of Onions Onion is best for digestion, heart, joints, eyes, the sulfur, chromium and vitamin C will reduce several deceases, and colds, diabetics, heart pains and austrio sorosis also can be reduced by consuming the onions The disulphide, tri sulphides , sesame, vinyl dithene , anti colestorol, anti cancer, antibacterial qualities are found in the onions, it is the upper hand to reduce the heart troubles, the cuiercetin anti oxidant protect the tissues, vitamin E help to re generate the tissues, and it also fight with the eye, chest, lungs, heart deceases, By consuming the dry one gram of onion daily for four weeks the density of the minerals will increase in the bones, onions will increase the memory power and reduce the colds, by eating, or consuming onion juice or even hang on the next like chain they will reduce the colds and phlegm, ayurvedam says that warts and tissues pains also reduced For children colds tight some pieces of onions cuts in a cloth or by keeping them next to the pillow of the child is suffering from colds may get the good results, still people in some places, by using the boiled onions in a cloth and put them on the wounds to reduce the pain and wound. By putting the cutting piece of onion on the bee bite will reduce the swelling. For throat infection also onion with joggery will reduce the infection in the throat, so even mother may not do the things which onions are doing
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