Where can I find you?

October 3, 2011 10:15pm CST
On my previous response to one of my friend, I mentioned that one of my problem is our household helper who is no longer helping us instead she is giving us headache. She is not of any help anymore, she kept on forgetting all the instructions given, her chores were not done correctly, and am already tired repeating all the instructions every now and then. When she is left at home, I think she has all the time to sleep, watch tv and all, she is really having the time of her life because when we get home, its messy everywhere and more. Another one is our sales lady who is not selling our products anymore but herself! she is not helping my mother instead she loved to entertain guys out there and flirt with them! WHEW! What a stressful household help and saleslady! I am really trying my best to hold my temper on them. I will end their services on the 20th of this month and am looking for a new one now. Why is it that those super strict employer got the best employee? Some even maltreated their employee! Maybe I should change my attitude a little and not be lenient with them. But of course, maltreatment is absolutely not included. ;-)
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