Last Minute = Regret

October 3, 2011 11:47pm CST
Have you ever found yourself rushing things at the last minute? And feeling regretful for not doing things earlier or before the deadline? I find myself in that situation right now. I have known for a few months now, that my parents are coming here for a visit. I know, because I was the one who booked their flight. So now I am rushing things, this morning I ran to the shop to buy plastic boxes to put some things, and I still have to clean and fix the cabinet and the house! Sigh! If only I have done this last weekend (and here comes regret!) Sigh again! sometimes I do stuff that wants me want to kick myself! haha! So, how about you? Please share your own experiences on this. Thanks in advance.
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• Philippines
4 Oct 11
I hate cramming, so I make sure I finish everything before the deadline, This would give me a spare time review and my work, and rework on something. I have a friend like that, he always cram, what I can do is to give him a piece of advice over and over. Rushed work doesn't guarantee quality output.
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
Yes, I have to agree with you, good thing i really don't do this often, especially with work. And I have to say, you are being a good friend in advising him not to always cram. Good job! Cheers!
@taheraa (1547)
• Giza, Egypt
5 Oct 11
I face something like that during my first marriage years and also during my first work, that is because my lake of experience at that time. But after several years of work, i learn how to manage and organize my time to face such those problems. scheduling and planning avoid anyone to rush things at the last time. except the unexpected circumstances, at that time no one can blame you if you regret.