Should husbands cook and do household chores?

October 5, 2011 12:43am CST
I am a father of two kids. The first one is my daughter who is eight years old and the second is my son who is four years old. I love my wife very much and since she is my life partner I help her with cooking and also doing the dishes. I believe that both the husband and wife should as a team even at home. I believe a healthy and happy kitchen is a happy family. Dropping and picking up the children from school has been my duty for the past six years now plus go for my work. That gives her time to prepare lunch or other do other house hold stuff. I like cooking so I help her during weekends at the kitchen. I am good at making chicken tandoori and pork barbecue which my kids love. So, every weekend if I don't come up with office work I generally do the cooking. Well, here comes my not so favorite part, doing the dishes. I like cooking and dropping the kids too school but I don't like washing dishes. So, I seldom wash dishes but if she is unwell or sick, I've got no choice but to do the chores too. So, husbands what do you do at home? Do you cook and do dishes?
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@dpk262006 (56473)
• Delhi, India
8 Oct 11
You are a great husband and your wife must be proud of you. Keep it up. I also try my best to help my wife in house hold affairs, so that I could reduce her burden.
• China
7 Oct 11
hasband and wife are now equal,we can not see the old pattern that men go out working to support the family while women stay at home taking care of the hasband and the children,in the modern days women are out working in different ways ,they are also busy and tired,so doing household chores is a part of hasbands'duty,sharing household chores would make your family healthier and happier!
@ferbjohn69 (1129)
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
There's no problem about husband doing household chores.Actually my father does it.He washes clothes and dishes.He cooks awesomely.The truth is he cooks better than my mom.My dad does works of female,and it does not look bad so keep on helping you wife.
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
It doesn't matter if the husband or the wife will do the chores, what is important is that you are helping each other to raise your kids well and keep the family together. In our times now, it should be equal. There are times that in a family, the wife is working and the husband stays at home, however it's good if both of you are working.
@posh80 (44)
• India
5 Oct 11
I agree that husband should help at the kitchen. We women do all the hard work and men get the praises. I think most men won't survive a week doing all the house hold work, plus cooking and washing. Raising up children is also no easy work. It need dedication and hard work. So, husbands should at least cook or if not wash the dishes.