Oh my dog

October 5, 2011 2:12am CST
I have a cuddly dog, named Noah. He was given by my twin sister. I love Noah very much. We stroll around the park every morning & play fetch late afternoon at the boulevard. He loves it when I give him treats. He wiggles his tail when he sees my twin sister. my twin sister looks like a BAT, which frightened my dog. When she visits us, she will wear a mask in order for her not to be bitten by my dog, or can i say mistakenly perceived as a terrorist... :P
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@Octav1 (1420)
• Romania
12 Oct 11
Hello tinatins03 Isn't it sweet when they wag their tails like that? We also love our dog very much, especially when she wags her whole body, not only her tail. She also show a grin when she's happy (we use to say that she's smiling at us), she's so cute! Why do you say your sister looks like a bat? I think you must do something to acomodate your dog with your sister or else, when your dog grows older, Noah may want to attack her. Oh, and I almost forgot: welcome to Mylot!
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@ranilo70 (177)
5 Oct 11
oh ic.... what a nice dog! Hope that dog will not say quack
@olivere99 (221)
• Sweden
5 Oct 11
Cute =| good luck with the dog..