October 5, 2011 8:41am CST
Prices are going up faster than our income. How do we live like that? Minimum wage right now should be at least $10 hour. Some states have raised there minimum to a little over $9 and that does help, but some states are dragging their feet. This minimum wage should have been done "YESTERDAY". glowin100
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@marguicha (101942)
• Chile
13 Dec 12
Everywhere in the world prices are going up faster than the income. In my country the minium wage is a lot less than in yours. Fortunatly we have a mild climate so we don`t have to spend so much money in heating or air conditioner.
• United States
8 Apr 12
Minimum wage has not kept up with the prices of necessities at all. It is nearly if not completely impossible for a person to meet all of their needs through receiving minimum wage alone, much less a person supporting a family. Prices of everything keep going up all the time it seems, but yet wages do not. It is becoming more and more difficult for people to afford the things they need for daily life. This is why more and more homes are becoming foreclosed on and more and more people are seeking out government assistance and turning to food banks and shelters. It is too bad that the middle class is starting to disappear. It seems people are either too poor to afford what they need or so wealthy that they can afford everything. Lowering prices or increasing wages would definitely help to kickstart the economy and help more and more people live a satisfying life.
@SHAMRACK (8528)
• India
5 Oct 11
Dear friend, Here in India, at least two times the price of petrol is hiked and this adversely effects all other products that used in day to day activities like food, vegetables, transportation, so on. But the income hike is also seen mostly of government jobs and in reputed organizations. Also well going business. But still the life of middle class and lower class is really horrible. They have earn very hard for their daily living, moreover other expenses like education, food, medicine all needed things are affected. May be I hope soon some change may be seen.
@tpisces (66)
• United States
5 Oct 11
Prices are going up everywhere which can be frustrated to some people out here willing how there going to make it. You know minimun wage varies in different states yes I wish minimun wage could be the same in different states but you always have to take note that the cost of living has alot to do with it too. If the cost of living is low the pay for jobs is going to be low.
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
5 Oct 11
yes, i'm aware of that... i think these days it's better for us to learn about investing... i've read that only three things that can give us finacial freedom... first is stocks, second is real estate, and third is your own business. The easiest for us to enter is stocks... that's why i'm starting to learn about stock... but i'm still a very newbie in stock investing... i'm aware that we cannot depend solely on our work, but we also have to know how to invest... never trust your money to other people for investing, but you've got to do it yourself.
@cadguy08 (1227)
• Canada
5 Oct 11
I know that it's really tight for a small amount of earnings and too many commodities increasing rapidly but if the company increases the Minimum salary to $10 the set back is layoffs on some workers. But hope it economy will rebound fast . Good luck to you.