does drinking hot water with honey reduces weight ?

October 5, 2011 10:19am CST
I heard from my friend , that drinking hot water with honey reduces weight . Is it true ? Does anybody know about it?
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@olivere99 (221)
• Sweden
5 Oct 11
Don't know D: But one thing I know is that if you eat much honey you'll get fat, and hot water isn't doing anything. I never heard of it before Hope I hepled. If not: I am sorry I posted here.
• Sweden
5 Oct 11
@CommentBelow I thought honey is making you fat :o!
@ferbjohn69 (1129)
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
I am not very sure,but I think it is the contrary.Honey,like sugar,contains lots of carbohydrates so you will get fat if you eat too much.That's what I believe.
@mimpi1911 (25479)
• India
5 Oct 11
Hi vasumathi, A lot has been said about the usefulness of honey. According to a new study, honey from markets has high sugar content that, on the contrary to the popular belief and to what you have said, tends to add weight. Virgin honey, which is hard to get these days, has many health benefits though. As to the warm water - food, in any form, when reaches our stomach attains similar kind of temperature.
@petersum (4525)
• United States
5 Oct 11
Honey does help to break down fat in the body. Not sure that it needs hot water! It isn't a miracle cure though. It needs to be part of a serious diet program.