Are you fond of Iphone? if yes than what is the thing that drag you towards it!

October 6, 2011 5:22am CST
My younger brother who is 4 years younger to me have a iphone, i m 20 and i m not fond of gadgets but when i saw his iphone and amazing apps and all time access to i m also willing to have that..............are you having a craze of iphone if yes thatn what is the thing in it than persuade you to have that??:)
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@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
6 Oct 11
I love iphones! Before, I never like changing cellphones, I don't care if there are new models coming out on the market. But that changed since iPhone was released. It is really cool. They totally change how cellphones look, they are very innovative. The new iPhone was released, which is the iPhone 4S. It is just an upgrade of iPhone 4, but is so much better, faster. I love their new feature, which is the Siri, you can talk to your phone, and she can talk back. I love it!
@viney17 (688)
• Philippines
6 Oct 11
i own an ipod touch 1g and 2g and i plan to buy either an ipad 2 or a model of iphone the moment they release a new one. i saw people using these gadgets so i tried one just to show that im not an idiot in these kinds of things, it's like a trend, 1 people buy it and a person is amazed by the product then he may recommend it to his friends that will buy that product two, marketing is just like that.