Do You Use Mozilla Firefox Web Browser???

Mozilla Firfox - This is a very nice web browser to be using!! It is just the most dependable web browser that I could ever ask for and the creator rocks for creating it also!!
United States
October 6, 2011 7:09pm CST
I love using Mozilla Firefox!! It is the best web browser that has been made I think cause it is pretty fast at loading up the pages and it does not kick you off or have issues like other browsers sometimes get. They are always updating Firefox to get better versions out and other browsers do not do that very often like Mozilla Firefox does so that is another thing why I love Firefox so much!! It is truly a web browser you can just depend on and count on all the time. You do not even get viruses either cause it blocks all unwanted sites and even lets you know when they blocked them or if you want them to. What is your opinion Mylotters??? Happy Mylotting!!! :)
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@00fear (3211)
• United States
7 Oct 11
Mozilla Firefox is pretty good. I cannot use it though because it redirects me to other sites every once and a while and it is irritating. I think I have some sort of virus or spyware in my laptop. So I have to use sites like Safari, Chrome, or Explorer but if it wasn't for the spyware/virus, it is a great browser than any other. I used to use it a lot before the problem happened.
• United States
10 Oct 11
Oh wow really? I do not have problems like that with Mozilla on my computer. It works just perfectly as heck and I just love Mozilla browser so much!! It is fast I think than any other browser that I have ever used and also it does not cause me problems like other browsers have in the past. i guess it could just be different on other computers though. Maybe your computer though does have some viruses that are really hiding cause for other sites to just pop up like that normally means viruses are attacking your laptop. You should get other software to delete those viruses. Goodluck!!
@00fear (3211)
• United States
19 Oct 11
I know I am going to get it fixed and do agree with the fact that it is fast than other browsers just I use the other ones because of the only problem I have in Mozilla Firefox....viruses/spywares.