It's hard for me to say 'NO'

@Jacruz25 (1124)
October 7, 2011 12:40am CST
I find it hard to say NO sometimes specially to people who are very close to me. I often give a positive response (YES). Is it just okay to give YES most of the time? I mean when my friends or relatives ask me something I usually say YES even if I sometimes want to say NO.
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@00fear (3209)
• United States
7 Oct 11
No, actually it is not always to say yes because they can feel in control. If you keep saying yes when you don't feel like letting others borrow or use your belongings for example, they can feel like bossing you around. If you are in public, what do you think the public will think of you. Do you think they might try and take advantage of you or even make you embarrass you?
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@toniganzon (53205)
• Philippines
12 Oct 11
Human nature plus cultural background sometimes affect how we behave. In my culture when i say no to friends and relatives, you are labeled as a snob and unkind person. I guess that's one reason why i find it hard to refuse too even if i wanted to say no.
• New Zealand
8 Oct 11
If they are your friends then they will accept yu saying No They might not always know your circunmstances Do they always say Yes to you when you ask them ?