is forex a way to fortune?

@ewinLL (16)
October 7, 2011 2:56am CST
is there anyone know about forex? is this a really way to become you rich?
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@TeamCholent (2843)
• United States
7 Oct 11
Forex or Foreign Exchange trading as its known is very risky. You have to realize that there is a chance you will lose everything you invested by making one bad choice. If I was you I would follow a few simple rules. 1: Invest only what you can afford to lose 2: Never get greedy, take your profit and walk away without risking everything all the time. 3: Practice before you invest your own money 4: Learn the game, find out what factors influence forex rates such as inflation, foreign policy etc I wouldn't say you will become rich unless you invest a lot of money but if you are lucky you can earn a nice amount monthly.
@ewinLL (16)
• Philippines
7 Oct 11
thank you for the info...noted.
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@SQD444 (679)
• India
8 Nov 11
Hi, Making of fortune from forex trading depends on the strategies u apply the kind of research and analysis you do also the risk u are able to afford and another big factor is favour of luck...How much ever research we do the market cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy... i would suggest doing a lot of demo trading before investing our own hard earned money....develop your own trading strategy...
@omchesunche (1755)
• Indonesia
11 Oct 11
well, forex is a risky business for man who dare and willing to take a risk..It is a way to become rich but need extra effort just like any other business on this planet..You must learn a lot and try a step at a time..I suggest you to open any demo account or trial account to feel the atmosphere of this forex business. If you can stay long and not lose those virtual money, try to make a profit..If you have good system and proven by those demo than you are ready to open real account..Learning by doing is always the best way to do for not listen to many advisor..
@topffer (36371)
• Djibouti, Djibouti
7 Oct 11
On a long term Forex movements can be predictable, but small movements during a day are not predictable, and investing in Forex is like investing in a casino. In both you can become rich... or lose all your money very quickly.