litlle love that sparks

October 7, 2011 4:22am CST
My 10-year old cousin already had a girlfriend at the young age who's at his age also. They've been best friends since kindergarten and until now they are so close more than those twins. Last week I've heard that the girl's parents died she had to move in other country where her uncle will adopt her. My cousin was so sad and so afraid not to see her again. What they did, they had this promises that after 10 years they'll be back in the same playground to get married for real. They had these little rings where they've been keeping so that when that right time for them to marry, they would surely make their dreams come true. I really appreciate it and who would think that those little kids could understand how to truly love.What would you think may happen to them after 10 years? Would they be able to marry each other for real? Have you experience such sparks when you were a kid? Feel free to share it here,thank you!
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12 Oct 11
i wish they will have an happy ending. when i was in parimary school, my best friend and i removed a faucet, we removed 2 spare parts from it. She give me one part and she kept the other one. Because we were graduating soon, she said we would be back after 10 years. However, we both have lost the spare parts already. But i really believe someone can achieve such promise. As your cousin's story, it's really romantic if they get married in the future.
@ronadelle (1547)
• Philippines
10 Oct 11
Wow, I thought that this kind of love story only happens in the movies! Well, then, at the young age of 10, that's really cute! I'd like to know how things will go with them after many years. But, as for me, I don't think that this will materialize because many events will happen both in their lives and distance will change them a lot. But if ever this promise will hold true through the time, then that's a real fairy tale come true! It didn't happen to me and never did I have someone I love in childhood. I'm just really thrilled what will happen with the both of them in the future!
@sanofer (525)
• India
8 Oct 11
its really heart touching cute little sweet love. Even kids know how to be truthful in relationship and we people foot bother about others feelings end end up in break up. We have to learn a lesson from This two little ones. Hope and beli
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
8 Oct 11
I knew personally few people who falls in love at tender age and keep the love and relationship till they are matured enough to settle down. Just recently, one of my friend who has a "childhood love" and they are married for 20 years now is having a cancer. Their story started when they are 12 yrs old and they got married when they reached the age of 25 and both are financially stable. But, this trial came to their friend, is diagnosed with a brain cancer and now she is under treatment.
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
7 Oct 11
Wow, that's too they really know what true love is? Honestly, I don't think that's possible. Whether they will really keep their promise is hard to tell, since it's 10 yrs later. Things will probably change...their 'love' for each other will probably change when they enter their teenage yrs and when they get to know more people... I had never experienced truly loving someone at that age. I only had a crush on a boy from my class.:)
@guanguan (73)
7 Oct 11
you know time is really the strongest strength in the world,it change everything if it rolls on.but for human,the love feeling is also strong.i still remember the beautiful girl i met when i was a little's really wonderful,it just like melt on my mind,and i can't to if the two little children could be husband and wife,it's hard to say.the world is full of pities.but i'm sure they will remember each other for the rest of their lives.
• Indonesia
7 Oct 11
I don't think that they will be husband and wife after the 10 years. Because they will forget each other. And I was thinking that It was not a true love, but I still appreciate the two of them. Maybe ten years later, one of them still waiting, but the others already forget and have a boy/girlfriend... ,