iPhone 4S: Other than Siri

iPhone 4S - The all new iPhone 4S. Innovative Features, much better pricing
October 7, 2011 5:20am CST
The iPhone 4S really does look and feel exactly like the iPhone 4. iPhone 4S is very slightly heavier – 139g (4.9oz) v 136g (4.8oz). Taking pictures on the 4S is much quicker, and taking extra pictures is too. Its just 0.5s shot to shot, where as for the competition it is 1.5s. The claims on battery life and antenna response are remarkable, but we'll have to see. iCloud is going to be good too . I don't know precisely how quickly syncing over Wi-Fi and especially 3G will work, in India (especially with larger photos from the newer iPhone 4S). This makes it feature-competitive with Google+'s photo syncing on Android. Notifications is more comprehensive than Android's offering . The Camera is too good. With the 5 lens and bigger aperture to let in more light, the photos look really vibrant and perfect bright. Also the video which was really good with iPhone 4 with 720p has improved to 1080p with 30fps. So with the iPhone 4S, most of the consumers will be having a good Point and Click camera and a HD video Camera .. Now Apple has made the 3GS free with 2 year contract. iPhone 4 8GB for 99$ and the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB ( which is completely new to the iPhone series) for 199$,299$,and 399$ respectively all with 2 year contracts. Apple has put up the video on their website. Here is the link for it http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/11piuhbvdlbkvoih10/event/index.html
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• Romania
22 Oct 11
I like iPhone 4s. Much powerfull than 4, and have iOS 5. It's very good for a smartphone.