The Value of Life

@pogi253 (1587)
October 7, 2011 9:33pm CST
A lot of people have faith in that they can change the value of their life by making some kind of outward change. If they may possibly only find the right companion; if they might only get the perfect career; if they may perhaps only be rich or more gorgeous, life would be abundant. One of the obscenities in life is getting what you need. Because we trust that the things we aspire will make us happy, the worst thing that can transpire is getting those things. When you attain some significant goal in your life, what occurs? I would be willing to stake that you feel great about it for about ten minutes or a couple of days at maximum. Then what? Then you are off in your head discerning about the next thing that you rely on will make you pleased or satisfied. True value of life comes from the inside and has to do with our connections with others and with ourselves. Accruing and succeeding will never give you what you pursue. Genuine value of life is based on loving others and oneself and being open to getting love.
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@KrauseHome (35035)
• United States
10 Oct 11
Yes, there are a lot of things that people will Value their life on, and it all depends a lot of times in the way that they were raised, or the age and time in their life as well. As we get older we find the things we value become so much more vast than when we were younger, and most of these things become things of importance and need more as well. It is true that the value of one's life does come from inside and will always do with in ourselves as well as from the feelings of others. But the most important thing to learn from all of this is being Happy with ourselves, and if not working on those things to find true happiness and peace within.
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• Canada
8 Oct 11
What you say about getting things, being happy for a short while, and setting off on another chase is perfectly true. But, at the same time, you have to consider what would happen if you did not get what you wanted. It would lead to disappointment. If you continually failed to get what you desire, it would lead to disgruntlement, depression. So what is better? To get things and go on chasing after more, or to not get things and become disgusted with life? It is, of course, also true that not getting your desired objects will lead you to look within for your happiness. This may be a good thing, in a sense. But there's still only so much disappointment you can take before your inner happiness also becomes questionable. Love, as you suggest, may be the solution. But, I have to admit, it is a very lucky person who can find true love. And especially for that loved one to stick by your side even though you constantly fail to get the things you desire, that is a bit too much to ask or to expect. In the real world, even love needs material rewards for happiness. Over all, pogi253, you've openned up a topic which certainly demands a lot of thought. Good stuff.
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
8 Oct 11
The value of life is not dependent on any external factors, because life in itself is already of value. But I believe that the value of one's life can be enhanced through gaining success and/or accumulating wealth.
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@bokal2703 (802)
• Philippines
17 Oct 11
People normally do not have contentment. When they get the things they want, they aspire for more or for another. Let us just say Michael Jordan for instance, he wanted to be the best that he can be in basketball, and of course we all know that he became the basketball superstar of all time...but what did he do? He retired in basketball and tried baseball. If he became as successful as he is in baseball like he did in basketball, he might even try another sport. Because that is how man is, we always try to find the purpose,but in order to maximize that purpose, we should work on it not just for ourselves, but we must be ready to give away those purpose for a greater satisfaction and deed