Course in college to take

@masang (295)
October 8, 2011 2:11am CST
My daughter is graduating in high school but she's still confuse of what course to take in college. Yesterday, she was choosing between Political science and Geology. According to her she wanted to take a course which is in demand for job after graduation. For me as a mother, I'm also confused. What would be your advice?
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@viney17 (688)
• Philippines
8 Oct 11
If i were your daughter i would not pick the job that are "in more demand" because those jobs that are in demand might not suit her taste and well, boring for her, i would rather pick the job i like, the more i like the job the more i will do well on it rather than picking a job that im not interested, i know that i'll do like crap in that job. Take note also, if you really prefer those in demand jobs then think of which country will you work for? it depends upon the country on what workers they need, some need architects some needs engineers or nurses. Still i prefer those jobs i like, since i like computers and mathematics I wanted to be an accountant or an IT or take up computer science for that matter. The choice is in your daughters hand, parents should not force their sons/daughters to what course they should take up (im not saying that for you in particular i mean this in general of parents).