on hearing mass

October 9, 2011 7:33am CST
it's been awhile since I last went to church to hear mass. I feel so spiritually unhealthy. But whenever Sabbath day comes, I just seem to have other activities at hand. I know that I should get my priorities straight and make it a point to hear mass on a regular basis. But I do have my moments with my God. And I do pray to him every day. Does it count?
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• Australia
25 Jul 12
I see this is 10 months ago... I think God honours every little effort we make- because He is merciful he hears all our prayers and loves us. But he is also just and this means if we feel we should be making more effort then He is giving us a conscience about it and it will bug us till we change. I have been in your shoes, I know how it feels- hope you are a better part of your journey now?
@Raine38 (9115)
• United States
16 Jul 12
I think it's hard to quantify and qualify on being a Christian or serving God. We do have to follow his commandments and one of these is as you've said observing the sabbath. If it will be any motivation for you, maybe you can think that in all 7 days of the week, God only seeks an hour of one day to spend it with him. That's what I always tell myself whenever I think I can just "skip" mass over a "more important" stuff. Also, there's this saying that being in the church won't make you a Christian in the same way that being in a garage will make you a chevrolet. Or something like that :) There's a lot of ways that we can show our love and devotion to the big guy up there.It doesn't only count when you're attending mass. It is important, but that's not the only way.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
15 Oct 11
To count your prayer you need to make sure that God will be accept where you belongs too. If we read the bible there is a commandment where God want us to belong and be accept all our prayers... As far as I'm concert prayer must be on the will of God for us to belong. The bible teach us everything we need to do to be acceptable to our Lord God...We can find all our questions and doubt in our mind in the bible. I think you read it to answer your question here regarding your prayer...