mario childhood

October 9, 2011 11:44am CST
Well, I remember playing Super Mario videogame home on my TV set when I was 6 or 7 years old. Sincerily I'd like to play it again, but not on my PC, but in the same conditions as then. I remember playing all day, having breaks just to go to the bathroom. I wasn't bored or anything. Good days...
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@Sir_bobby88 (8245)
• Singapore
21 Oct 12
I am remembered that, Super Mario are one of those pioneer games that i played and like it a lot. I remembered having nightmare falling down into the holes in the games but still it's fun and a significance mark for game industry.
@Oktavist (396)
• Romania
22 Aug 12
Oh,yes.Those pleasant memories where I just stood there and played Mario,wanting and not wanting to finish it.God,sometimes I got very angry and destroyed the Nintendo.I think i had 7-8 Nintendos.Best game ever back then.
@Ladybugs (404)
• Philippines
6 Aug 12
Hello there. Just like you, I could also remember the times when I played Super Mario when I was still in elementary. I loved playing it with my sisters, nephew,friends and classmates. If I have a chance to buy a videogame similar to what we used before, I think I want to have one like that again. I miss using the controller similar to what I used before. I remember playing many hours in a day until my fingers hurt already. :) The first Super Mario game is my favorite because in our family, I was the only one who was able to finish it. Maybe, we collaborated our efforts in playing it but when I was already in World 8-1, I never stopped playing and discovering how to finish it. When I was in the castle already and I was able to defeat Kuppa, I was really so happy. When I was able to finish it, my family members weren't near me so I really called them for them to see what happened. I was really happy the day I finished it. It was only a bit sad, I wasn't able to capture a photo of the television screen that time. Yes, I think the times when I played Super Mario and other interesting games were the good days of my life. That time, my father was still alive too. I miss those days. I really love Super Mario games. I like to play them again.
@skyfury (36)
• Indonesia
21 Jun 12
Hahaha. This is one of the best games ever. I played it all day. Sometimes I play it in PC since my old nintendo can't be played again.
• Philippines
4 Jun 12
yeah , i love playing it since childhood until now.. this is my first game i played ever..
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
22 Mar 12
One of my favourite games ever. Even the new wii version is good :)
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
10 Oct 11
I use to love Mario when I was a kid. I loved it so much I had to force my cousin to let me borrow her Nintendo so that I could bring the console home and play the game. I really missed my childhood days when I could just play as much games as I liked. Now I have so much studying and school stuff to worry about but I try to squeeze in some game playing every now and then. I reckon no game can veer beat the classic Mario game. I wonder who though up of the wacky idea of Mario.
@Timeout (419)
9 Oct 11
Yeahh, I remember when I FINALLY beat the 8-4 stage, I got crazy! I left the music of the end for hours!! I was so happy! I have played in the PC with a emulator, but as you say it doesn't have the magic of playing in my old NES. Those games were the best, the new ones cannot compare.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
9 Oct 11
Oh I love playing super mario.I almost played it everyday after school during my childhood,I really missed it too.Beating the enemies and saving the princess from stage 1 to 8.Even though you've already finished it, you still played it over and over.I hope we could play it again in the same console we used to play before.