"My Passion For Battle Shall Never Die!"

United States
October 10, 2011 1:00am CST
Well i guess im first for this discussion and i have to say out of most of the anime i've seen this has to be my favorite samurai anime in my collection (if your into that fast paced stuff) i mean what's amazing about it is that you get to learn a little about what happened in this time period in Jappan (yes the Sengoku Period is a real time period) and what makes even cooler is that it's a parody of what happened way back when...and there are so many fans of it in Deviant Art it's not even funny but anyways basically it focuses on Date Masamune (Lord Of Oshuu aka One-eyed dragon) and Sanada Yukimura (the hot headed general aka Young Tiger Of Kai) and they meet in the first episode and after that encounter they believe that they are destined to be rivals and it goes on from there (i don't wanna spoil the rest so just go watch it) it's really entertaining if your in to action packed awesomness then go ahead and look it up on youtube cause it'll rock your socks that much Please Respond Thank You
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