October 10, 2011 1:25pm CST
Are you a child of God or born again Christian? I am and I don't regret a minute of it. I have my problems and when I do I thank God I have him to take them to. When someone speaks up and wants to take my christian privilege away, then I think they are violating my freedom of religion. glowin100
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• Philippines
16 Jan 12
Yes I am. Catholic in faith. I'm happy and blessed,God put me to the right path, its him I'm looking for, he securely keep me safe day and night. When problems comes all i think about is him,I thanking him for the wonderful experiences he gave. Our life is full of amazing thing if you just seek God.
@akwaobio (36)
27 Oct 11
if you are born again you a child of God not just in speaking but in reality. we are now the flesh of his flesh, bones of his bones. as he His so are we in this world. when you understand this life takes on a different meaning. you now have a Big daddy upstairs that take takes special interest in you and all that concerns now can walk tall, chest out and carry your shoulders high because you just know that no matter what life or the devil throws at you, all things are walking together for your good. i wish every body would know the hope to which they have been called into they won't worry about tomorrow because God has already settled their future. as the psalmist says "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD I SHALL NOT WANT"
@lampar (7597)
• United States
13 Oct 11
That is right, you have every rights to become a christian, or as a matter of fact, any disciple on all these great religions our world provide. There is nothing to regret for becoming a Christian, it is strictly within your constitutional rights and universal human rights to choose any religion you want to believe. You don't have to explain yourself to us all why you do this or that, it is strictly your personal matter whenever relationship with God is concerned, no one can take that away from you, it is your God given rights for living in this world where he created. I fully respect your rights to freedom of religion. Holla!!!
@eljayo (1107)
• Philippines
11 Oct 11
Hi ! we share the same feeling. I am also a born again christian and thank God he saved us. I am forever blessed to be God's child.