Homeless, drunk, and out of control.

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October 10, 2011 3:46pm CST
Yesterday, I went into this coffee house to use the bathroom. On my way in, this black homeless guy asked my for money. After I came out, I got my backpack and sat down to look for my storage key. The same guy asked a second time. I have heard that opening your mouth and asking or demanding money or food is being aggressive and against the law. The guy then started yelling telling me to move that there are cops around. I am not the one who is breaking any laws. The guy needs to be banned from the area for being drunk and violent. He hit my friend several times and could have attacked me. You are being aggressive in getting money for your next drink, you tell someone to move. This guy is breaking the law by being too aggressive and yelling plus getting violent. How would you handle this situation? Would you report the guy to the coffee house he is begging in front of getting violent?
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10 Oct 11
I wouldn't report him unless it happened again. If you didn't answer him then he could have took it offensively and thought you were being rude. If I had some spare change then I would have given it to him, but if I didn't have it then I would have just told him, "Sorry, I don't have it to spare". I don't think all homeless people are drunks. They could just be down on their luck. My brother and myself were at a local steakhouse eating from the buffet. We looked out the window next to our booth and saw a homeless guy sitting on the curb holding a cardboard sign. We felt bad for him so we went outside and told him we were going to buy him a buffet. We took him inside and payed for it and gave him the left over money which was just a couple dollars.
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11 Oct 11
I agree. They can change but nobody can make them. They have to dedicating their life to it and they have to make it happen.