Finding Family and Vanished Family

United States
September 3, 2006 11:23am CST
Do you think that its a person's sole right to just Dissapear? (giving that they have no fiscal/children responsibilites) Do you think they should have the right to up and leave and have noone look for them? What should draw the line between someone being missing and someone wanting to just dissapear. Do family have the right to search for this person and police be involved? what do yout hink?
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@chalmette69 (3010)
• United States
14 Sep 06
I don't think if you really care about your family you would just want to up and disappear with out telling them. You do have the right to do what you want, but you should have some consideration for others. I think yes, you should look for the person, especially if this is something they would normally not do.
@Salixj13 (46)
• Israel
5 Sep 06
You are really asking two questions; Does a person who has no responisbilities/obligations to anyone other entity( I would include the obligation to give a spouse a divorce and to make certain that said, then ex-spouse, is able to continue their lives as they wish, that all finacial cares have been dealt with)have the right to leave. The answer for me is: if they aren't obligated to anyone, then yes. A person should have the right to go where they won't and not tell people where they are if all obligations are met. On the other hand a person does not have the right to stop someone from looking for them. They can stop someone from harassing them, but they can't stop anyone else from finding them and knowing where they are. Getting the police involved is a matter for the police department; if they feel they have an obliation they do. If a person doesn't want to be bothered there should be a way of informing the police that the "hider" is under no obligation to anyone and simply wants privacy.