So can someone tell me how to make money off of this site?

October 10, 2011 5:05pm CST
I'm new to this as of about 15Mins ago & I am 18 years old, without a job and in desperate need of some money. Help ?
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• United States
10 Oct 11
Welcome to myLot. Quality participation is what will earn you here. So best to start with the guidelines and FAQ. There you will find a lot of answers to a great many questions you will have along the way. Also in the guideline it will tell you what can and cannot be done as not following them will cause you to waste efforts. Keep in mind that no one here earns for others efforts, therefore, unless you participate you will not earn. Starting discussions that interest you so you have plenty to comment back with to the responders. Responding to others discussion will also earn you and maybe a good idea to do so as a new member so it can give you an idea of how things flow here: myLot earnings will earn you some monthly earnings but will not supplement as a job, just being honest. Good luck and hope you enjoy your stay.