A New Way of KIDNAPPING Issues, Upgraded and Updated....

@mantis36 (4237)
October 11, 2011 2:22am CST
Today, my cell phone got a new message from someone I don't know... The message from an unknown sender goes like this: "Good day, I am only concern, if ever someone selling a perfume house-to-house and they are also accepting a buy now pay next month then you should not purchase, and you should not entertain them. And once you smell their sample perfume product then you'll get dizzy and automatically fainted (gravity drop and fall off the ground) then that is the opportunity for them to grab and carry you to their escape vehicle" "Is to pass this text messages to all of the friends and relatives, one of their Updated and Upgraded techniques to kidnap, abduct, a child and female teens." Now, when I read it, sounds like a CHAIN LETTER to my ears but it’s not like a chain letter because there is meaningful message maybe true, possible, and something to be aware of. Or maybe this is considered as an old technique that is being revived.... Anyway, we should be careful and aware all of the time.
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