My experience with, a scam site?

October 11, 2011 2:45am CST
My experience with, a scam site? I am not member in any other PTR/PTC/SURVEY sites, but a friend told me and requested me to join as his referral, I joined because it is an Indian site. When the earning was 750 rupees, I asked for payout, next day it said it was 300 rupees only after validation. I continued there, till it was more than 500 rupees again, asked for payout, it said I have to get certain number of referrals. Well now it says I have 135.45 rupees only, I gave them a complaint, Support ticket is created, but no more response. [b]It is cheating, I am sure. Have you ever faced this? Please share your views and comment on this story. Thanks in advance.[/b] Professor ‘Bhuwan’. . 10/10/2011
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@veejay19 (3592)
• India
12 Oct 11
Profsaheb, i too was a member of the same site and i made my neighbour`s wife my referal.I stopped doing it long back but she continued.Yesterday she told me the samething you have written and i know for a certainty that it is a scam site.I have simply deleted from my computer.?By the way i received the ring yesterday and will wear it tomorrow,ie Thursday following the method you have given to me.Hope my luck turns.
@Lakota12 (42681)
• United States
11 Oct 11
oh yes lots I get close to payout and they disappear!
• India
11 Oct 11
that is a scam site and don't stay there for a minute.. you can better stay here and earn money..