How do you handle stress?

October 12, 2011 4:03am CST
2 yrs. ago I was diagnosed to have a manic depression.My energy level is deteriorating and I don't want anymore to do things that I usually do like reading inspirational books, playing with my son, strolling at the mall and worst, I don't have the zest to work anymore which in my case, is hard to believe.The reason according to my psychologist why I feel that way is because of STRESS..Too much stress can worsen our health because I was not eating healthy foods then but rather, I was engrossed in junk foods and my partner for beverage is the soft drinks.At first I just ignore the signs of dizziness and my monthly menstruation at that time got worse, bleeding heavily.At one time, when i could not take it anymore and I was scared that I am sick, I consult my OB-Gynecologist and the result is that I have a Hormonal Imbalance thus the heavy bleeding and the result is dizziness.She gave me Vitamins to take during my heavy days and was advised to take a complete rest. At that time,my feelings worsen because I pity myself.I would suddenly cry for no apparent reason and would sulk to my loneliness.I thank my mother because she cling to me and also my husband and my son.They were very supportive of me.They let me read an inspirational books and I would read it and put into mind all the key messages that would uplift me. Looking back, I was grateful because I have overcome it. For those who feel somehow they are stress, try the following, maybe it could help you: Listen to a lively music (don't listen to a slow ones or any love songs because it would just sulk you into loneliness), read an inspirational stories or books, mingle with your family and for once, forget all your problems, Always pray to the Lord for guidance and for enlightenment, stroll down the mall (Do window shopping if you don't have a budget,hehe), and last but not the least, Do things that you do before.
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
16 Oct 11
First, I try and figure out what is giving me stress. Trust me, it might seem obvious what might be giving stress some of the time. However it is not obvious every single moment of the time. There are a lot of times where the causes of stress are not so transparent when you really think about it. Knowing what is giving stress is going to allow me a lot of clarity and an ease of mind. Which really can be something that is going to help. Then I step back and take a deep breath. I do what I need to do, dealing with every single stressful situation. Sometimes I do listen to music to help me unwind, sometimes, I do something that will keep my mind off of the stressful activities. Of course, that is not a luxury that I have all of the time. Still I take a deep breath or two and try and go forward to do what I need to do.
@KrauseHome (35503)
• United States
14 Oct 11
Well there could be other issues there related to your Health that are causing this problem more than Stress, and depression, etc. I know within myself if you are suffering thru severe woman issues this could be a lot of what you are feeling as to the No energy, etc. I know myself I have dealt with a lot of problems myself they always tried to blame on something else but with research and tests they have found some issues bothering me. The hardest part is finding a solution, thru medication, prayer, etc. that works Best for you.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
13 Oct 11
That is very good of you, sharing your experience and giving advice to fellow-myLotters. Yes, I they are certainly very helpful advice for managing stress. Of course, there can be many causes for stress. From time to time, people suffer from mental stresses. Practising mindfulness meditation is also very helpful to be releived of the mental stresses.