ok can someone give me some info about the last pirates of the caribbean movie

October 12, 2011 2:44pm CST
i expect someone to give some info about this film because i want to see it and have to believe is as good as the first one.
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@min8esign (168)
• Indonesia
24 Dec 11
I've seen this movie a few weeks ago, may be true as many people say that this movie is not as good as previous. from 1 to 10, i prefer say rating for this movie is 6.0.
• Philippines
22 Dec 11
i forgot it already!.. io will let you know when i got it merry christmas
@lady1993 (21037)
• Philippines
21 Dec 11
Well, the film may not be as good as the first movies, but as long as Jack Sparrow is there- I would watch any film.. he just brings fun and lught into the movie. you should check it out, I am sure there is a dvd copy already. there are mermaids, lots of other pirates and Sparrow.
@gothtini (219)
• United States
12 Oct 11
If you are looking for the newest movie to be as good as the others, you'll be disappointed most likely. I have known people to walk out of the theater, and its the first time they have ever walked out on a movie. The story itself is alright, kind of been done before but still it was alright. The biggest problem is it went very slowly, I believe it was about a two hour movie, it could have been done in an hour with part of the extra stuff still in it. The main part that was entertaining was with Jack, though there was 2 sides to the adventure so only half of it was entertaining. The other side of it, it was alright but very draggy and too detailed for its own good. I do recommend that you see it though, because everyone has their own opinions. However I wouldn't buy it before you rent it or watch it another way, otherwise you may be wasting your money depending on what you think of it. Hope this helps.