COPY PASTE??? Who said it is annoying to do??

October 12, 2011 9:09pm CST
What?? Is it illegal to do that?? Why you get so annoyed? I know you also copy it from others,so whats the big deal? Dont ever claimed that you the first one who knows it then you share it with others then when someone copy it,you mad at them Thats was the some of the annoying Facebook whom i really doesnt like.. So arrogant...
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@kyrararen (601)
• Indonesia
13 Oct 11
I thought it was something about copasting for your thesis or whatnot, passwords, or links. right, people cant really get mad if they made their post public in Facebook and people copasted it. if it is just statuses it;s not worth blabbering about. but if it is article they put on their note, surely they will be mad. but well, why using facebook then to upload that kind of thing?
• Malaysia
13 Oct 11
your opinion is right.but actually i was mention about copy paste some usefull info,article or other sources that everyone are allowed to knew it and its not contain some privacy of certain members that will made them mad..they only mad because they just want to be known as the first person who knew it and share through facebook wall.or some of them are jealous for others whom copy paste it because when they posted it,they not get attention but when others do that,different things happen..lots of attention from other user.. well.its not a big problem at all until i get some threatened inbox from some user to critise me for doing that....LMFAO to that user...
• United States
13 Oct 11
When it's concerning online writing for money, original content is something sites want, not you copy pasting an article, whether your wrote it or not.