How can parents handle such a heinous crime?

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October 13, 2011 7:02am CST
I was reading the wall post of a rape/murder victim here in the Philippines and can't help but be sad and mad at the same time. Sad for her parents that at a tender age, their girl has to go and in such a very distasteful way. I cannot imagine the pain that I will feel if it will happen to my daughter (and I'm not wishing it would) so my very deep sympathy was with her parents. (To those who do not know, I was referring to the 19 year old girl who was murdered in UP Los Baños, someone leaked her Facebook account online and it was flooded with post of condolences even from people whom they do not know. Another noteworthy thing is that her photos and posts are open for public so if you'd like to post a message of sympathy, you may do so at Going back, what made me mad is that some of the people are actually blaming God for this crime, albeit unknowingly. When people say that it was God's WILL to let people die in such a gruesome way, what kind of GOD are they projecting? HE doesn't want another angel in heaven as if He is lacking one, He has trillions of them and this poor girl will not be one of them. If the parents of this girl would not want this to happen and would not even like to think of it, how much more so for our Father in the heavens (who of course, has parental feelings like us). So, please if you are leaving a message of condolence, spare the thought that this is God's will.
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13 Oct 11
No, God's will is nothing like that. However, we can say that God allowed it to happen. God's will is different. God created man so that man may serve God. So all of God's measures for man to do and follow so as to be able to serve God is all written in the Bible. That is what God's will is. Af for that incident which I am unaware of, I hardly read newspapers these days nor can I have plenty of time to spend watching television anymore, it happenend because she was there at the wrong time. God did not tell her to go there as there is no such God's law befitting that incident.