Good people do good deeds

@katie0 (5212)
October 13, 2011 8:50pm CST
Seems stupid but it is not, I was thinking, good people are compassionate and take pitty and help out people, even when they don't know that person. They are eco activists like protect and plant trees, they are Animal rights activists, Human rights activists, volunteers or they have a cause that they work on it. Hard workers work to save their own money. People who pay the bills also do it to not go to jail. Going and paying some church also doesn't mean anything, it's even better to give this money to charity of course some religions actually use the money for that but many are to reform a gorgeous church or temple and ...other stuff. Good people are the ones who make a difference too. There are those who make peace with their minds by 'Oh but I pay my taxes' or 'Oh but I go to church every sunday' but that's never enough because the conscience might ask: 'And who are you saving when you are doing that? Who are you helping?' I think the only way to please God is by helping our brothers, that means HIS children. And all that have life, not only humans but animals and the green are alive.
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• Mexico
17 Oct 11
Hi katie: You are definetly right. There's nothing better than the power of actions. Some people just talk and talk or just have good intentions but they don't do something else to make things happen. If we want to change the world we have to move on and to do something good in order to change it not just do the normal things. ALVARO