Is the curse in the pyramids still working?

October 13, 2011 9:27pm CST
I wonder if it is true or if it never was. But pyramids in Egypt were said to believe that it is surrounded by a curse. One of my theories are they made some traps that are still effective until now. It can be explained scientifically because they used chemicals. On the other hand it is mysterious because it is one of the most historical and magical place that most of the sorcerers came from. I need your opinions guys, especially those who visited the place and had been to inside the pyramid. I'm just curious ever since my dad has been telling me stories about this place. Thank you! :)
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• Philippines
14 Oct 11
Egyptian pyramids are pharaohs tombs which some believes that great treasures were buried with them.Maybe early Egyptians designed traps like chemicals and others to prevent the treasures to be taken.Curse?Maybe if you are intending to do bad things on the pyramid or try to take some treasures,then bad things can happen to you.Bad actions have punishments and good actions will be rewarded.
18 Oct 11
I do believe so guys. Thanks for the response! :)