high way accidents

October 14, 2011 11:00am CST
every day i m going to college through high ways in the high way we seeing daily a accident if we ask why the accident is means they are saying that driver slept while driving . to prevent this nothing can be done ?give your idea
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
14 Oct 11
Accidents on the road happen every day. It has been talked a lot about it, but still there are people who are careless as to cause traffic accidents. Just this evening when I was riding home on my e-bike, I saw an accident with someone lying in the middle of the city street. It is so cool tonight. There were some people standing on the spot waiting for the police or the emergency car to come to help the person, I guess. I hope he would be saved from the accident with good luck and hope. Bless this very person with the accident. If everyone were careful, no accidents would ever happen. Thank you for the discussion. Take care.
16 Oct 11
you are correct if every one careful it make sense