Picture Connected to Tag

@nerein (283)
United States
October 14, 2011 12:28pm CST
You know I was looking at my list of Interests and I noticed the pictures connected to the tags of the Interests. The one that caught my eye the most is the Interest that I am writing about right now. The picture connected to this tag for this interest say "Life is not about finding your self, It is about creating your self. " How does one create them selves? I mean how many aspects are there of a human being, and how would you use those aspects then to create your self in what ever you want to become. I personally believe that there are 9 aspects of the self total. The 9 aspects are Physical, Verbal, Written, Spatial, Logic, Cognative, Memory, and Knowledge, Spiritual. Now I suppose that before you could use these aspects to create your self you would have to develope these aspects. Now we are all born with some ability to already use these 9 aspects. Now the rest depends on what we do with what we learn and what we have. Once we have taken what we have learned and what we have, we then begin to create our selves. First we need to Figure out what it is we want to create ourselves to be. Remember we have 9 aspects to use in order to create our selves. Also remember that in creating your self you until the final self is finished will continue to change. Then we go into to last step. That is once our final self is created we have to decide what we are going to do with the final self. This is the most important part of all. This is what makes us or breaks us. Remember that. Most important of all people in general are not bad, it is just that some times they are ignorant.
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