The art of learning.

October 14, 2011 9:08pm CST
The ultimate aim of education is to teach the student to learn by himself and to develop in him a lifelong passion for learning. Many students have difficulty in learning, commonly called studying. Generally it is viewed as a problem in concentration. Here are a few simple practical suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your studies: First and foremost, abolish the word "boring" and "studying". Use the word "learning" instead. Concentration is a skill that has to be cultivated. Concentration is directly linked to interest. So the best curve is to get interested in the subject. The best way to study is to read a paragraph first, then close the book. Do this after every paragraph and finally after finishing the chapter. For every hour of reading, write for at least ten minutes. Along with reading, speaking and writing, make attempts at thinking. If possible study at the same time in the same room with the same lighting every day. Before you begin your studies, practice a small ritual. When you take a break after studying for a few hours, engage only in those kinds of activities from where you can easily get back to studying without having any residue of it in your mind. To manage anxiety, the night before the exam sleep well, get up leisurely, and at least one hour before you leave your house for the exam, get involved in any activity of your choice that is fun and relaxing. Afer the exam, don't think or talk about the exam at all. Simply go home and unwind.
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@GemmaR (8526)
15 Oct 11
I think that learning is one of the best skills that it is possible to learn, because it gives us the chance to know a lot of things about the way that things work in the world that we live in. Everybody learns things in different ways, and you just have to be able to find out, usually though trial and error, the technique that works the best for you. For me, it is best that I discuss the key concepts with my friends so that I am able to get them in my head and also get them into their heads at the same time. Everyone is different.