In need of advice from personal experiences about my career goal

United States
October 16, 2011 3:03am CST
I am currently an engineering student and I would like to know some things from fellow mylot users who are in the same or similar field of education, I do know the info regarding my own situation but I am interested in knowing from other's experiences world-wide so that I can see what else may be possible in my own future. The following is essential: Is the country you are employed the same as in which you studied, do you have any need to learn a new language, how much does it pay more or less, perks that come with the job etc. I would also appreciate any advice that you can give me, thanks you for your contribution in advance.
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@sumitn (94)
• India
16 Oct 11
hi buddy i have been an engineering student and now am an engineering graduate well this one is a great career option ONLY IF YOU TAKE IT SERIOUSLY...and it surely doesn't mean that for this you would have to be book-worm neither i am saying you to study 16 hours a day nor i am saying to just make fun while your this time you need to be active enough about your subject areas place of worrying about higher marks and higher grades you need to clear all your basics of your branch subjects...once you gain quality there are no limits of success....and you do not need to bother about country,language and income...
• United States
16 Oct 11
Which type of engineering are you studying? Yeah its all about setting a perfect balance I guess. I do take it serious, its what I want for my future, I find it interesting and enjoy learning even if it is hard. As you said, once we can have a good quality in what we those things you mentioned last are less important.
• China
16 Oct 11
Hi,jokerzhunter. Although my work has nothing to do with engineering, some of my classmate in college major in that. To be frank, as they said, being a engineer is very tough. And you have got to travell a lot all over the country once you are employed. Since none of my classmates have been to a foreign country to work, i have no idea about your second question.