various roles of my life

October 16, 2011 8:40am CST
Once you understand that you are the Enlivening Force to the roles of your life, then. your focus shifts to transforming yourself as the Enlivening Force (the person) than just making role-based changes. There is no way you can become a better husband without becoming a better person. Like spot reduction is not possible in physical fitness, a mere role-oriented change, without changing as a person, isn't possible. Attitudes and character traits cannot be role-dependent. They have to be developed in your core. Improve as a person, and not just as a role. you begin to understand that life is about balancing between the roles and it is not about being a one-role wonder. Either your professional success comes at the cost of your family life, or your passionate involvement to a hobby affects your professional progress, or for that matter any role-based imbalance will affect the over all balance of your life. Few streaks of yellow and orange and blue and black don't make a painting. Only if there is a proper balancing of colours it makes a painting. Life is all about balance. you also realize that you dump the emotions of one role on the other. Most emotional truculences in relationships are a result and effect of having to deal with emotions that don't belong to that relationship. The frustrated professional results in an indifferent husband; a complaining daughter-in-law becomes an agitated mother. Shifting roles without carrying the emotions of one role into another is a learnt trait. It comes with awareness and practice. Never take personal life to work, and never bring the professional home. Consciously learn role adaption. you will be peaceful and those around you will be peaceful. The purpose of certain relationships is to come with you till the end. However, certain relationships will come, serve a purpose, and then leave. Please understand, with the end of a relationship, nothing else ends. Everything else continues. You still have a responsibility towards other relationships. So often we get so disturbed by what has left us, we no more rejoice what we are left with. Focusing too much on a relationship that's lost will not allow you to do justice to relationships that continue. When you are overtly disturbed by what happens in one of the roles of your life, that disturbance spills over disturbing by what happens in one of the roles of your life, that disturbances spills over disturbing all other roles of your life. So remember, even when everything seems lost, you the enlivening force and the rest of your life, still remains. With or without anybody, with or without anything, keep moving... remember, you are the Enlivening Force to the various roles of your life, and it is not the roles which enable you to survive.
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@HosmanF (93)
• Belgium
16 Oct 11
Good evening dear mylloter friend Writersolutions10 , after reading all that you had to say/write , i have to say that it kind of made me feel a little bit connected or at least "alike" with you related to the way you see thingz , but what i love the most , is the way you express these views ( :-) ) , well to be totally honest with you , until i've reached twenty-two years old , i was completely obliviant to the matter , i was never paying atention to thingz like that , but after i cann say that i started seen ways different thanks to a friend that after seen how much my friends and closest person are holding him in the highest regards i decided that he could be my Model the type of person that i would like to become , and change only camed with time but it did , what i need was motivation and always analyzing my actions conforming with the situation , been a brother started to pay more atention to my sister needs , and started to be more open to her , to show her that if she ever needs something i will be there for here , been a dependeble person made me feel a better person , especially since before i changed , i was a person that was only concerned by hes own problems , did not really care about anyone then myself , and i did not cared if anyone were to suffer because of my actiones , but ever since i've met this person whom oppenned me eyes you could say that people did not really considered me a should to cry to or to count on . I cann say with alot of enthusiasm that; that persone doesn't exist anymore. Have a great evening dear friend Hosman,
• Philippines
16 Oct 11
It is true that it requires adulthood and maturity in order to be able to fathom an idealism in life which is this deep. To be able to keep on fighting in order to have a good hold of our precious place in life is of foremost importance unto those people who depends upon us. it is wise never to forget that it is oneself who is most dependent upon us. What we do with our lives, what we decide to undertake will always affect foremost among all, me. So, this is the reason why I must acquire the greatest love of me next to God.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
17 Oct 11
Hello, Yes there's so many roles in life one must play but the best role I want to play is being me,my self. I love to live this role until the end of my time because it is me, the true me who every body knows!