How will You analyze a PERSON?????

@Dassodils (2013)
October 16, 2011 11:25am CST
All people have different views. When we see a person at first time, what will we notice first???I think it is based on the character of the person.
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@cloudflix (112)
• United States
16 Oct 11
That can be part of it... but the hard thing is that people have so many layers of character and personality, and often times people are so insecure that you can't see all of the aspects of their character when you first see them, because they may try to hide it. It is possible to notice aspects of peoples' characters at first meeting, depending on what they're doing. But until you know someone for a while, you will not have a clear picture of their entire self. Even if they aren't trying to hide it, it's not possible to know every way that a person will react to a situation (which is a large part of the definition of a person's character) just from one meeting. You may be able to get an idea, but not with certainty. And being certain of how someone will react knowing all aspects of their character also ignores the possibility that a person can change. That is why the cliche "You can't judge a book by its cover" is so poignant and true.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
19 Oct 11
Sincerety and honesty can be noticed on the person's face and the words he/she says. That may not be correct always, but still one can sense the person's mind. Cultural differences may be a reason for miscommunications at times.
@GemmaR (8526)
16 Oct 11
I know that this is wrong, but I think that we all base our initial impressions on what that person looks like. I don't mean whether they're attractive or not, but the amount of effort that they're put into their appearance is certainly of great importance. I also like to talk to people who smile, and if a person doesn't smile at me when they meet me then I automatically take a dislike to them and then I won't make the effort to make friends with them in the future. It has to come from both ways, and if they don't make the effort with me, I won't make the effort with that.
• United States
16 Oct 11
Body language, most definitely. You can tell a lot about a person, whether you know them or not, by their body language. It's something that is subconscious, yet individualistic about a person. A person who is slouching and will barely meet your eyes in a conversation? They're not confident, plus, they're obviously socially awkward. A person who walks with their eyes facing forward, greets people genuinely, etc., would be confident. I think it's smart, not judgmental, to analyze a person's body language before speaking or interacting to them. It helps to know how to play off their moods and personalities so the conversation isn't awkward. Most other things you notice about people are irrelevant to who they are. What they look like, the clothes they decided to wear, etc., mean nothing if you want to know a person. Analyze how they hold themselves and you'll be surprised at how often you are correct.
@sexyice (874)
• Latvia
16 Oct 11
Persons are very different are sweet persons, are lie persons, are friendly persons and bad persons. I think first need analyze person style and speach, if people look bad, maybe person are lazy, because if people something do, they look good. And need look in eyes, because eyes rare lie