October 16, 2011 1:58pm CST
What is LOVE? This word is used by everybody, men, women, boys and girls. We have seen people die because they are 'said' to love somebody. We have seen husbands deal wrongly with their wifes and yet they still talk of love. Everyone is calling for peace across our planet. If you ask how do we achieve peace the first answer is love. What actually is the meaning of LOVE?
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@magic700 (100)
• Canada
16 Oct 11
Love is a word that means a huge list of things. It's a very loose concept or idea, and people each have their own definition of what it actually means. Everybody can agree that it's a strong positive feeling, but any further than that and everybody starts going in different directions. When people say that love is how we achieve peace, they each are thinking of a different thing. Some are thinking that we should simply lower all weapons and just talk through it. Others are thinking of everybody just coming to mutual agreements that please everybody. They usually aren't thinking of the same thing that they would be if they were telling their spouse that they "love" them. In that case, some people are merely using it as an escape goat. If a husband knows he's about to get in trouble for paying more attention to the tv than his wife, he might try saying something like "I'm sorry honey, but you know I love you more than any tv or sports show in the world!" just to try and get out of trouble. In other cases, love is used to simply express the idea of wanting to be together forever. Some cases meaning that one cares about the other very greatly. The word love can't really be defined with an actual meaning because it's just the idea of a loose concept, of a general state of mind, that manifests differently from person to person and event to event.
18 Oct 11
Great, i agree with your view. People see love from different perception and it means different thing to people. But i get confused at time when i try to understand what its all about, not because i don't understand the concept of love but because am yet to grasp the irony of human attitude to their fellow humans despite love. why will one hurt the other? why the crying, war, and disturbance across our world?