How do I become rich?

@crt1477 (343)
United States
November 20, 2006 10:59am CST
How do I become rich?
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@toastking (272)
20 Nov 06
Well the first thing you could try is the lottery but thats far too much down to chance as is gambling and the stock market is something that you could look into but without any knowledge its just gambling. My recommendation would be look around all the free opportunities online as every site claims to be the one thats rooting out all the ones that don't work, if they really work they will let you pay them out of the profits you make as they will have nothing to lose will they? I don't yet know whether its possible to make much money online unless your underhand or very lucky, but I am still looking and to be honest I am aiming for full time wage part time work and thats it, none of the getting mega rich no matter how nice that would be (of course I wouldnt turn it down) but I wont be devastated at not getting it. Any help?
@istanto (8565)
• Indonesia
20 Nov 06
Get a job. you will be rich. ^_^
@nancygibson (3737)
• France
20 Nov 06
Everything I have tried is listed on my blog here maybe some ideas there that will help you?
@amar1003 (135)
• India
20 Nov 06
u can become rich by marrying a rich person........