Meeting The Strangers.

@srjac0902 (1170)
October 18, 2011 1:28am CST
Often we communicate with the people and we neglect the strangers. Sometimes we won't even look at them nor we greet them. Often we do not trust the strangers. People express great suspicion at times when they meet the strangers. But often eachone has a beautiful or a painful story to narrate about their meeting with the strangers. There are many episodes of strangers acting as good Samaritans without expecting anything in return. There are some strangers who do help but then trap them into dangerous pit to cheat or molest. There still some other people very neutral not willing to communicate nor extend to receive help nor to rec eive help even though they are in great need. A good number of people do believe in the Divine Providence. Many receive even a great fortune through the strangers. Often all that we express spontaniously is a fruit of our culture, tradition and education. We are a product of our family tradition and our environment or society. There are certain localities where the community people express a great sense of solidarity and reciprocal help for the mutual upbuilding.
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• Philippines
18 Oct 11
Hi srjac0902, I’ve always been careful in talking to strangers. I always say “Don’t talk to strangers.” Especially, now that there are a lot of bad things happening around the environment. We would not know who to trust and not to trust. But I believe in what you said, each of the strangers that we meet have different stories. Some would be touching, some would be inspiring, some stories would leave us thinking about how lucky we are. If we would just be able to select who the stranger we trust and who to talk to it would be interesting to know their own stories. Enjoy your day and Happy mylotting red_amethyst