Query on PTCs

October 18, 2011 6:24am CST
Friends. Dont you ever get curious on what product do PTC's make? In every business, there are products. What products does Mylot offer? I know it is none of my business but dont any of you get curious on where Mylot gets the money to pay us? What do the stockholders invest in Mylot for? Do our discussions serve as a topic for some articles or some surveys? Furthermore, what makes a topic (for them) significant? For sure, one of you would agree with me that there are some discussions posted here that are not thought of. Some would just post a discussion for the sake of posting a discussion. And for those thoughtless discussions, do they also get paid? For Paid-to-Chat sites, where do they get the money to pay the chatters? What information do PTCs get such that they are capable of paying out? Good luck if this discussion gets through, i hope im not violating anything here. I am just really curious.
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