How to get followers for bog..??

@amitrwt (131)
October 20, 2011 4:06am CST
i started a my first blog related to computer one mounth back. i added good content in it..but i don't know how to get followers and readers for my blog ..because it worthless to add content if no one going to read it execpt me.. no one knows that my blog exists .. what to do.. i added my blog in my "MYLOT profile" if any one can suggest me how to improve it and get readers ..???i'll be thankful ..!
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20 Oct 11
There are a lot of simple and free things you can do to get traffic and the first of which when you use email leave a link to your site at the bottom. So what you can do is become active on blogs which cover similar subjects. Start leaving interesting comments (not spam) on these sites as you can usually leave a link in your signature and as such you are placing a link directly where those who may be interested in your site will always be. And on a similar level become active in forums about your niche again leaving worth while comments and a link. Talking of blogs you can always offer to write a blog post as a guest author for a popular blog. If they accept it, and many will, not only will you be able to have a link on a well established blog which has decent traffic the power of that site will also help when it comes to search engine placement. On a similar note if you don’t feel comfortable writing a blog post for another blog you should explore article writing for article sites. By writing an original article and placing it say on squidoo, hubpages or wikinut you are once again getting a link back to your site but also exploiting the power of their site when it comes to search engine placement. And then there is of course back-linking and when you write a post for your blog you should announce it on such sites as Digg, Reddit, Xomba, Stumbleupon and so on. Don’t go over kill with this because if you bookmark every post it can be seen as spamming and can get you banned from these sites. Hopefully these few suggestions will give you some ideas and there is a lot more to these than what I can explain simply on here. But what I will say is to continue writing and publishing on your site. Firstly the more posts you have the more entries you will have in a search engine but also for those who do visit now and then return in a week they will see that it’s not dormant. There is nothing more annoying that coming across a site only to discover it is dormant and out of date.
@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
23 Jul 12
Well, for one thing, you definitely need to get the word out there about your blog. You can submit your blog URL to search engines so that when people is searching for something related to your blog, your blog url will pop up as one of the results. Also, guest blogging on other's blog is also a great way to get the word out because in a way, you are sharing readers with whoevers blog you are guest blogging on. You can also allow people to guest blog on your blog so that when they announce it to their own readers about it on their blog, their readers will come to you.
• Indonesia
12 Nov 11
No, in fact it works the other way around. Why would people come to your blog if there's nothing to read? Remember, content is the king, make sure you do your best for it. You should update your blog regularly to increase the chances of being found by search engine. Keep writing, leave quality comment on other blogs. Repeat. If you are consistent, you'll gain followers. Good luck!