Life : do you accept ' divorce' ?

October 21, 2011 3:51am CST
I did not intend to discredit those who have experienced, known by the word 'divorce'. I have never been married and still single. I'll get married some day. I personally do no like the word ' divorce'. I will sustain my family holding until the death. As human beings who have respect and compassion towards fellow people, we should not end a marriage by divorce. Perhaps, there are various reasons so that each partner takes the last road to divorce. From the religious points of view, divorce is not allowed, unless there is a specific reason. Apart from the standpoint of religion, according to you if you accept the concept of divorce at this time. If you say yes, why and if not why too, what are the reasons?
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@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
21 Oct 11
hello, Honestly, I agree to your point. I am also single and I know that I will be marry someday. But for me divorce is not the solution of a problem you encounter between the partner. right? So, that is why before you get married you should choose the right person you really love which you can say that he really the man that you wanted in your life. Some people get divorce because of the early pregnancy and early marriage which is not really advisable for me because I want to know the person first as in all about his life and family before anything. right? Without considering the religion I still want a happy and complete family which I never had in my life. So, the thing here is to make sure first the person you want to marry if you feel that they are the one for you. right?
• Indonesia
21 Oct 11
Divorce mostly happen to early marriage couple. It is vulnerable for young couples to divorce, it is because they are psychologically not ready to family problem. To know someone correctly is not inadequate, we must be prepared that one day there will be times we do not want another one with the other. So far, I knew no one is ready for divorce, but we cannot be separated if there is a will. The only answer we know how hurting divorce will be and basically, we knew that we already dislike each other and knowing that we didn't have to split because of those issues.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
29 Oct 11
All people, definitely do not want a divorce. I am married, and my household, very messy, and troublesome. Divorce is not the only solution. But, if it is not beyond repair, better divorce, rather than hurt each other.