learning about korea.. K-pop artist.. korean music, food.etc.

@mooyah (11)
October 21, 2011 7:46am CST
annyeonghaseyo!!! who are addicted to k-pop there? lets share our knowledge about it. learning new words and ideas about korean stuff..
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@rameshchow (5283)
• India
26 Oct 11
Korea having its own traditional music, i don't think that it is having pop and rock music, if it is having pop music, mention some names here.
• India
27 Oct 11
keep going buddy.
• South Korea
16 Mar 12
Those Boy and Girl groups are really popular. Maybe in wester couture this kind of music is not working anymore but here it is really on a high. Nowadays groups like T-ara or Super Junior are really popular. But you can also find some solo singers. IU is probably the most famous girl and very very very popular under boys here in korea. A male singer which is famous these days is K-Will. Actually he is damn good! If you have more questions about korea or korean music just ask me (I live here since a couple of months =) )
@lampar (7597)
• United States
26 Oct 11
What is K-pop in Korea? pal! Is it rock and roll music band..it sure sound like one. I like Korea it is a beautiful country with many beautiful women and fishy food. I want to know more about Korea.
• Philippines
27 Nov 11
I love Baek Ji Young! She's really a great singer for me. All song of her are so meaningful to me. I'm learning about korea specially their old history . I love korean noodles and kimchi. Everytime I go to Supermarket. I always buy kimchi for me ^^. Its not easy to learn their language. Im still learning of that.