do all friends are good friends worth making with?

Dalian, China
October 21, 2011 11:04am CST
my english is poor so..i'll try to make you understand. i'm wondering this all the time. i like watching Japanese cartoon like one piece,naruto etc. nearly all of them tell us that friends are important,and who ignores friendship will be punished. then i try to love all my friends in my life but it's difficult. because some of them have very bad effect on me though they are not for purpose. they are very care about me,they can help me selflessly,and they share with me,and taught me many things(but it's not what i plan to learn..) however,they sometimes suggest me to do some bad things,they hope i can do those with them. they live a decadente life and with time past i found i became one i didn't hope i'm going to be. when i want to change this situation,they became the biggest obstacle. when i'm happy i live a positive life,they express envy. so i may ask a question,do all friends are worthy making with?are wothy treasuring? a famous teacher told me: write down all the people you know,then keep touch with those good people,and the others,just keep far from them. that time i thought it's simple but now... what do you think? do you have some friends like these?
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@jaiho2009 (39021)
• Philippines
25 Oct 11
No all friends can be good one. I have lots of friends but not all of them I can say are good people. So, I just keep the company of good ones and avoid those ones whom I cannot relate with. Friends have different kind of attitude and behavior that we need to choose those who are good and keep them with us.
• Philippines
23 Oct 11
If you're friends are like that, then maybe you can't really consider them as your true friends. Maybe you haven't found your true friends yet. If they're really your true friends, then they shouldn't envy you but instead they should support you. They shouldn't let you do bad things. Real friends are worth treasuring. But if those friends you have that kind of attitude, I don't think they're worth treasuring.
• Philippines
23 Oct 11
hi there jimo... i have the same experience. friends are really important for us..they serve as guidance also a help and a companion in our journey in this world.. yet real friends do not envy or get jealous of what you have instead they will be happy for you if you are successful or blessed. if they influence you negatively you have your own mind to decide if you are going to follow. did you try telling them that what they do isn't good?.. if yes, and they did not believe you then there is no reason for you to be with them..just go on with your life and be a good example to others.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
23 Oct 11
That's why we better choose our friends wisely. I have a very tight group of friends and we are all linked through our interests. In my school, everyone is involved in a group of friends that share similar aspects and ideas. So there are a few rebel groups and a few good people, I'm part of the good people group. but some rebel groups I know are quite alright. So my friends are very good people, of course they do have their own flaws but I just brush it off and accept them because no person is perfect. Some friends may drag you down whereas others may offer their support and comfort. You just got to choose the right group of friends.
• Bangalore, India
22 Oct 11
hi, friends create a new way of love and life so never omit you will worry for it on one enjoy it have fun..!
@kaeirole (669)
• Philippines
21 Oct 11
i also had experience almost similar to you.. i think there are many types of friends that surrounds fact, all of us got lots of friends..but in few of us got close friends, best friends, and most especially, true friends. in my case, i have only a few close friends, no best friend, and 2-3 true friends..i i can easily get close to people 'cause i'm friendly and very open..i don't pretend to be someone..but, i choose those people who i wanted to be close to..i don't have best friend because for now, no one has ever proved to be my best pal..i only got some true friends because those are hard to find friends.. i have those set of friends in my life because i choose my friends..not by their looks nor what they can give me..not by their popularity now by their way of living..but i choose them by how they may influence they may accept me for who i am (because i have different sexuality orientation) and how they are true to themselves..i like those friends who actually scolds me when i did something wrong..and who doesn't judge me..because if i give my friendship to them, i can give everything to them..true friendship..and we should value friendship..because it's hard to find..