Use or Lose

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October 21, 2011 2:36pm CST
Man has been endowed by multiform creativity. The individuals are unique. Some are born genius. Some are born leaders. Some are quite intelligent. Some are normal some are average and some are below average and some are handicapped. Do we use fully use our inborn talents? When we learnt about what is education? we learnt that Education is a lifelong process of enabling the self bloom fully until self realization. When children are born some parents dictate over the children saying do this do'nt do this. They never leave the children to be itself. If the children are encouraged to choose intelligently and do what they like by assuming full responsibility according to the understanding of the child then we would bring up a responsible generation. Most of the youth cannot withstand and challenge positively when they are faced with conflicts. Many times they get frustrated because their talents, and their liking is not approved. These children were never been recognized to be able to make their own dicision. Often it can be witnessed that when the youth go for an interview they are accompanied by the parents or someone. For this reason they are not selected. Today due to abortion or due to conflicts so many children have no chance to be born in this world. So much man power has been lost. If the adult and older generation does not allow the children and the teenagers to use their thinking, reasoning, making a choice or expressing their talent, thse do lose what is precious hidden in them. In the society we come accross some people illiterate but so much mature, intelligent and wise. If these had a fortune of studying, they would have contributed so much for the welfare and development of their own family and the society. It is greatest gift from the parents when they give birth to their children educate them very wisely and prepare them to be responsible citizens with sound reasoning and wise judgement. If we look at the infancy of great tyrants, we come accross of episodes of great trauma suffered during the infancy, for not having received love from the parents and teachers, for the injustice suffered and engulfed down without having a chance to reconcile. The sub conscience records every thing. Though the person may forget the episodes apparently, as they grow, they do express revange in their inter personal relationship. The precious talents, not used for the service of the humanity, is a great loss.
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23 Oct 11
It is true. If you do not use it, then you lose it. I try to sing as much as I can, but it hasn't been easy since I lost my voice back in 2007. I had a horrible bout of laryngitis, along with the loss of my brother, and I pretty much ruined my own voice. I can still sing, but I am nowhere near as good as I used be. I do write a lot to compensate for the lose of my physical voice.