Chinese J-10 jet copied from US and Israel jets?

@Jacruz25 (1124)
October 22, 2011 1:21am CST
The chinese J-10 multirole fighter aircraft is currently china's air superiority fighter but experts and military analysts said that it was a modified version of the US and Israel cancelled Lavi project in the 1980's. Experts also said that the J-10 was able to acquire superior weapon system and multirole capability because Israel sold F-16's to china secretly and reverse engineered it. It's not really wise to sell weapons to your enemies, the US spent billions for the development of the F-16 and china spent only millions for reverse engineering the F-16 and came up with a better fighter jet. Thanks to Israel soon China will match or even surpass US made jet fighters. Do you think it's just ok if the US shares her technology to her allies?
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@bwaybaby (904)
• United States
22 Oct 11
I'm' not sure if this is the same jet, but I know the plans of one US jet got into Chinese hands when a US contractor used a peer to peer file sharing site and unintentionally uploaded all the files to the web. Because the man apparently was kind of an idiot. And the US government trusted this contracting company with confidential plans AGAIN. So we don't always really, well, mean to share.
@Mashnn (4503)
22 Oct 11
Believe it or not China has become one of the best countries in technology and even if the USA or any other country refuses to share its technology, China will do what it. Let all be able to accept and face reality.