secret recipes

October 22, 2011 3:28am CST
From generations to generations families all over the world keep within themselves secret recipes that for sure you cant avail anywhere else. I know a friend who make carrot cakes with rotten cheese on it. Yes! rotten cheese folks. But it tastes perfect. Not the usual carrot cake in your plate. How they do it safe to eat and Food adminstration approved is a secret but for sure it gives them good income specially now that holidays are approaching. How about you, do you know one?
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@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
22 Oct 11
My father, for sure, knows a lot of that. He cooks so well, from native dishes to modern meat dishes. He just learned it from our ancestors, and he cooks cattle meat real good. I will ask for his recipes when we meet again.
@devi53 (348)
• India
22 Oct 11
i will give you some secret recipes 1) carrot halve: first cut carrot into small pieces and then boil this with milk in a cooker, after boiling taken out from the cooker mesh it in a mixy and add equal quantities of sugar and one or two tablespoons ghee and boil and stirr it until it becomes paste and can roll in the vessel add again 2 spoons of ghee. Transfer it to another plate and cut in to small pieces after cooling. Try this, have a good day
@viju0410 (2286)
• India
22 Oct 11
Hi friend, welcome to my lot and hope you are having a good time here. I always prefer in sharing my knowledge or spreading a word about any good thing that had happened to me or with me. I can understand about your friend's business secret but after all there is more happiness when someone do a branding for his products (that too mouth to mouth). Rather than a particular secret recipe, I would like to be with the popular and traditional ones as the secret recipe may not be available every shop.
@moons286 (66)
• Pakistan
22 Oct 11
I think, anything which you can do with ease and passion, you can make money with it. Its a simple formula!!