Planning to Create a Personal Blog But Don't Know What or Where to Start.

October 22, 2011 9:25pm CST
I've created my personal blog from a free host. It's been a months, still I'm stuck because I know know what to post about myself. I know other bloggers experience that too during their first year of creating their personal blog. This blog will be my online journal and I don't want it to be popular in fact I make it as private for me alone, that's why it is called personal blog. I try to visit other blog owner but it didn't help. We have different likes and dislikes in life. I want my blog to be full of happy at least its the other diversion of myself from the reality world.
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@inertia4 (27679)
• United States
26 Oct 11
Well, if you make a blog and it is set to private for only you to see, then writing in that online journal should me easy for you. Think to it as a paper journal and you are writing in that. Do the same on your blog. Each day would be an entry or many entries for that day. What to write is really up to you. If it's personal, then you could write about your day, your life, your girl, whatever you want to. You could make numerous pages for your blog, showing all your views. Like a different view for a different page. It's like an empty canvas and it's just waiting to be painted on.
@sahyd2don (2949)
• India
24 Oct 11
Hi buddy its very easy to create a blog. I have many blogs. One of them is . you might find it useful. I you want to see my other blogs too then you will get those links on the above blog.
@keihimekawa (2010)
• Philippines
24 Oct 11
I used to have only one blog site but eventually as time pass by, my announcement for various events and personal blogs got so messed up in one blog. It helps that I tag but it's still not enough that's why I created another blog where I can share my reviews and personal thoughts on things Anyway, back to your topic... As for me, I really don't think on what I write. If I have the urge to write, then I do it. Be it places I've been, foods I've ate, personal experiences, etc. As you mentioned, you and other people have different interests, that's why you can't relate that much in their blogs. It always helps to post anything that comes into your mind. Have you gotten irritated over someone while at work? Then write about it (without mentioning names of course). Received something worth remembering? Write it down Since you're keeping a private blog, it's enough that you write your unforgettable experiences or even annoying things that happened into your life. Or, if you're into it, you can write short stories and have other people comment on your stories
@Bluedoll (17063)
• Canada
24 Oct 11
If I want privacy I use a notebook with a pen or pencil, use my computer and save it in an obscure folder, find a place to write online where the comments can be turned off. If I just want happy thoughts in a journal but want a little influence from the world around me look for places where topics or other writings are like that. I can write stuff down about how I feel or about that neighbour who looks like a dream movie star but don't give the details like street address, etc.
@reinykwan (350)
• Indonesia
24 Oct 11
I use my personal blog as my online diary, sometimes any problem I can't tell to anyone, then I write what I feel in my blog, my blog full of my stories about my life.
@airkulet (2705)
• Philippines
23 Oct 11
I thought you already did my friend. Then you just have to write whatever is happening in your life. I have a blog that is personal too but it becomes more rants and musing to me. And then as it goes along it became a general blog to me, I don't know I had a lot of topics on my first blog that's why I started to put up another for a more specific idea. I let mine to be public hoping that it will earn me.